Biodynamic, Natural and Orange wines

Biodynamic, Natural and Orange wines

On this tasting we are going to focus on some different grape growing and winemaking methods.

The way a wine is made can have as much of an effect on it as where and what it is made from. There are numerous techniques that can be applied in the vineyard and in the winery that will change the taste of a wine. Most of the time we won’t be told what (if anything) has been done to a particular bottle – they don’t put it on the label – which can make it hard to figure out.

However, over recent years several schools of thought have emerged which treat the grapes or wine differently, and this what we’ll look at.

Biodynamic – like organic wines, these are made without using pesticides in the vineyard. In addition to this vines are planted and grapes harvested in conjunction with lunar cycle, and several specific preparations have to take place in the vineyard throughout the year. It may sound a bit unusual but time and time again these wines have been found to be superior at tastings.

Natural – this a minimal influence style of winemaking. As little intervention as possible in the vineyard and in the winery, to include pruning, addition of chemical, adjustments to the wine and addition of sulfur. The aim is that the wine should speak of where it has come from when nothing else is added to it.

Orange wine – the emphasis here is more on the winemaking. Orange wine is essentially a skin contact white wine – think a white wine made like a red wine. This changes not only the colour, but the taste, texture and structure of the wine. Traditionally originating in Georgia you can now found wines made in this style around the world. And apparently they have been a growing wine trend over the last few years!

The tasting will include 6 wines from a variety of countries, use of ISO tasting glasses, nibbles and tasting notes.

Places remaining: 10

Course Date/Time: Thu 9th May 2019 at 7 - 9pm

Duration: 2 hours

Venue: The Mitre, 291 Greenwich High Road, SE10 8NA

Event Price: £30.00







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