4 Week Wine Courses

Our 4-week South London wine courses, based at our venue in Greenwich, are designed for anyone who would like to get to know a particular region or wine style in more depth. The 4 different tasting evenings take place on consecutive weeks, from 7-9pm. Each wine tasting will include at least 6 different wines and will cover how to taste as well as key facts about the region. Sometimes we compare different regions to appreciate and contrast their typical styles of wine: alternatively, we take a closer look at the diversity of wines from specific parts of the world.

Choose from:

  • Introduction to Wine
  • Tour of France
  • Tour of Italy
  • Tour of Spain
  • Old World vs New World

What will I get from the course?

By the end of the 4 evenings:

  • You will have gained further understanding of wines from the major regions
  • You will have developed your ability to assess and taste wine
  • During the 4 evenings we will have tasted over 25 wines
  • Food & wine matching advice will give you more confidence to try new food pairings
  • You will have further developed your sense of smell and wine vocabulary

What if I have to miss any evenings?

No problem - you receive a credit you can use for any of our other courses and tastings!

Introduction to wine Course

Get to grips with the fascinating world of wine on this 4 week introductory course. Run over 4 consecutive Thursdays, this is designed for people who enjoy wine and want to learn more about it, in a fun, friendly and relaxed setting with no previous wine tasting experience necessary!

At the end of the course you will :

  • Be able to taste wine like a professional
  • Have learned how to assess the quality of a wine
  • Be able to tell if a wine is faulty
  • Understand the world’s most important red and white wines
  • Understand wine labels and find out new wines to try!

Four evening 'Tour of...' tastings

If you want to really get to grips with a great wine nation, then this is your opportinity! Four evenings where we taste between 24 and 28 wines from all four corners of the country. We will look at how the differing regions vary, their grape varieties, their climate and wine styles. Taste your way on a Grand Tour that will deliver expertise and a wonderful array of tantalising wines.


Vuelta a España - Tour of Spain

A four-week deep dive into the world of Spanish wine. Learn about all the different regions, reading Spanish wine labels, the different grape varieties and most importantly, tasting wines that you won't see on the high street, see what makes Spain one of the most exciting wine destinations in the world.


Tour de France

Four evenings will take you on a grand tour of the great wine regions of France and visit some you may not be quite as familiar with! Taste through the wines and see why France is the most revered wine nation on the planet.


Giro d'Italia - Tour of Italy

Italy is a diverse country, with a strong food and wine culture wherever you travel. Over four weeks we will taste through an array of Italian wines and you can see what makes this a truly fascinating wine nation








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