Happy 3rd Birthday to South London Wine School

As we have reached the significant milestone of 3 years I have taken some time to reflect on all the things that have happened. And while mostly what I do is talk about wine (a lot), there have been a few more unusual events too…

  • Winning a trip to Australia
    I may have mentioned this already, but I won a trip to Australia this year! The trip is now but a few weeks away and is hands down the best thing I have ever won in my life. Unlikely I would have even entered if it hadn’t been for the wine school.
  • South London Wine School – star of stage and screen!
    Well ok, not quite star of anything, but I have had appearances on TV, Radio and in a national newspaper. Spreading the word!
  • The one with the photo shoot
    This was a rather unusual request – a property develop was taking photos of their homes and wanted to include some photos of a wine tasting to suggest the kind of life new owners could have. Or something. Either way it’s the only professional photo shoot I’ve ever done!
  • The hen parties, birthday parties, office parties, retirement parties!
    My calendar has never been so full of celebrations! And it is genuinely a delight to share in such a variety of special occasions.
  • Tastings for all languages
    While I try to use as many local terms for regions or varieties as possible, I can very much only speak English. So when I was asked to run a tasting for group of non-english speakers I was a little concerned. Fortunately they provided their own translator! Which ended up with an extended back and forth between me, the translator and the group. At one point I was convinced she was embellishing with her own points as well!
  • The one with the fox
    The final and possibly most bizarre encounter at a tasting! It was a tasting at an external venue which had gone well and we were mostly cleared up. There had been some strange noises halfway through from the roof but they had been quickly dismissed. And then, to the shock of everyone A FOX FELL OUT OF THE CEILING! The startled thing quickly ran leaving us, arguably more startled people behind.

So yeah, no 2 weeks are the same. And I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring!

No more wild animals though please.








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