What would you ask an Australian winemaker?

At the end of October I'm lucky enough to be flying over to Australia to go and visit some of the fantastic wineregions there. As I have been thinking about what questions I might ask, it has occurred me to that some South London Wine School followers might also be interested in having a say, so I have written a short list of questions for you to vote on. Whichever question gets the highest vote I will ask to all the winemakers I meet and publish the results when I get back!

The options are:

What is your favourite Australian wine that is not one you made?

What is your favourite non-Australian wine?

What was your biggest winemaking mistake?

What is the most memorable wine you have tasted?

What grape would you most like to grow?

Do you know any good wine jokes?

What is the most important part of the winemaking process?

If you were a grape, which variety would you be?

Which Game of Thrones character would you most like to drink with?

If the Queen was coming over for drinks, what bottle would you open?

If you could invent a robot to take  over one job in the winery, what would it be? What would you call it?

Where would you make wine if not Australia?

What is best wine to have with a barbecue?

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