10 Wines for Summer

As the temperatures are set to increase again you may be wondering about which wines are going to work well for your summer drinking needs. Well I’ve put together a little list for a variety of occasions to inspire. Enjoy!

White wines

For summer I feel white wines are best when refreshing, floral, and sometimes a little sweet!

1. Torrontes

This is a grape variety from Argentina and produces one of the most intense fruity and floral wines you will ever come across. Typically made in a dry style, with a pleasant streak of acidity, it is the perfect wine for sipping in the garden!

2 Bacchus

A grape variety that is getting a lot of attention of late, Bacchus is producing excellent wines in England in that moment. With a delicate herbaceous and elderflower aromas, and a hint of fresh citrus notes, it’s an easy drinking option.

3. Vermentino

A variety that is found in various countries around the Mediterranean, but predominates in France and Italy. It has a lively and refreshing taste, with flavours of apple, pineapple, fennel and bitter almond. Think of it as Italy’s answer to Sauvignon Blanc.

4. Riesling

I don’t think any wine list for summer would be complete without Riesling! Another full flavoured but zesty variety, I particularly appreciate on off-dry German Riesling in summer. Fruity and floral flavours with a hint of honey, the sweetness is balanced by acidity, and the lower alcohol makes it perfect for afternoon picnics!

5.   Koshu

This one’s a bit more exotic, hailing from Japan! And the flavours it evokes are of something more delicate, jasmine flowers and yuzu citrus. Slightly more body and a mineral complexity. Absolutely delicious, a great one for later in the day.

Red Wines

1. Sparkling Shiraz

This is my top barbecue tip! You want a red wine to go with your burgers and sausages but not also want it to be cold and refreshing. This is the perfect answer! The Shiraz gives lovely blackcurrant and cherry aromas, with hints of vanilla and chocolate. Something to impress your friends with!

2. Pais

If you’re looking for something more delicate then this a native variety of Chile that is makes wines that are quite similar to those found in Beaujolais. Light in tannin and enjoyable when chilled!

3. Nero d’Avola

This is a grape variety most commonly found in Sicily and makes wines with a lovely intense red berry flavour, with subtle spice and soft smooth tannins. The warm climate in the mediterannean helps here, making a wine that easy drinking either with food or by itself.

4. Pinot Noir

Another light tannin variety, Pinot Noir is often seen as a go to summer wine. The best wines can balance soft tannins and delicate body with an intensity of flavour and a good deal of complexity. It’s grown all over the world but why not try a home grown example?

5. Pinotage

A relative to the above Pinot Noir this is a South African speciality that is often over-looked, but I think is another excellent match for barbecues. It comes in many different styles but look for a fruity one with some smoky notes – an excellent match for your burgers and sausages!

Gin recommendation

I get to taste a lot gin (yay!) and one that has impressed me lately was the 6 O’Clock Gin from Bramley and Gage. Picking up on traditional English botanicals like Elderflower it is aromatic and refreshing. Best served with a spray of their Elderflower liqueur!

Beer recommendation

Summer is for sours! Beer with acidity that has the same mouth watering impact as cold white wine. One of my favourites is the Wild Beer Co Sleeping Lemons which is flavored with preserved lemons. If you want something refreshing this is it.








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