Drinking Trends for 2017

As we start a new year, it may lead you to wonder what will we be drinking over next 12 months? It does for me anyway! The wine world is constantly changing and developing, and as our palates continue to expand there will always be new drinks there for us to explore.

So I’ve done a bit of reading to see what experts are predicting for this year. Some of them I am totally on board with. Others not so much! See what you think…

Less prosecco – Prosecco has been dominating the sparkling wine market for several years. And its easy to see why – the gluggable, not-so-expensive beverage provides an easy drinking alternative to the more premium champagne. But this year may see some more competition coming for share of the Prosecco glory – Italian bubbles such as Lambrusco and Franciacorta, as well as more New World sparklers means we may be seeing a bit more variety in shops and on menus soon

Orange wine – this has been around for years but is predicted to become more popular this year. For anyone who is yet to experience it, orange wine is essentially a skin contact white wine – think white wine made like a red. Because of that is has a very different taste, texture and structure to a traditional white. Not to everyone’s taste, so it will be interesting to see whether this takes off! If you want to find out more check out our Natural, Biodynamic and Orange Wines tasting.

Sparkling reds – another sparkling trend on the list, but maybe one you are less likely to expect! Sparkling red wines are produced in several regions, although only in tiny quantities, and most people would not even know they exist. You can get sparkling Shiraz in Australia, red Lambrusco in Italy, red Cremant in France. These fruity and frothy reds tend to be made in an easy drinking style, perfect for summer drinking with barbeques. Want to find out more? Check out this and other bubblies in our Champagne and Sparkling Wine tasting.

Loire whites – The Loire Valley is home to several prestigious white wines, including Sancerre and Pouilly Fume. But this year it is predicted that some of the other regions such as Vouvray and Anjou will come in to prominence.

Craft beer – this has been on the rise over the last few years, with more and more microbreweries popping up all over the place! But craft beer still only holds a tiny percentage of market share, will 2017 be the year this changes? As a beer lover myself, I hope so! And with my new Certified Beer Server qualification I will soon be bringing beer tastings to South London Wine School!

Wine slushies – One of the more unexpected predictions! I have heard that ‘Frose’ – Rose wine with crushed ice – has been popular in the warm climates of the south of France, but apparently this trend is expanding! 2016 saw a surge in DIY recipes on websites such as pinterest, but 2017 is predicated to be the year that restaurants and bars take it on board too. Not one I will be trying to be honest!

So there may be something in there you will try. If you do, I would love to know, so do send me your reviews! Or if there are any other interesting wine trends you won’t to try, let me know at info@southlondonwineschool.com.








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