Haven't you heard, wine is good for you!

So I like wine. No, more than that, I love wine. It’s just great.

But it in all the time I have been drinking wine it has come with a caveat: you can’t have too much too often; we’ve got to watch our units of alcohol consumption for risk of a myriad of negative consequences. And it is true that wine is best enjoyed in moderation like most things.

But isn’t it nice to know about the other side as well, the benefits of wine. The way it can make you happier, even healthier! So I thought I would compile a short list of recent studies to show just that. Please read responsibly.

  1. A glass of red wine is as good for you as an hour at the gym
    Researchers at Canada’s University of Alberta published this result in a study. What they had found was that resveratrol, a compound found in the skins of red wine grapes, can improve physical performance, heart function and muscle strength. Just stick to the one glass though!
  2. Drinking champagne could help prevent Alzheimer’s
    A study carried out on rats by researchers at the University of Reading, suggested that having 3 glasses of Champagne a week would help with spatial memory. This is claimed to be due to the phenolic acids found in the skins of grapes used for Champagne. Although we should probably hold off on popping those corks until human trials have been conducted.
  3. Drinking wine could lead to a happy marriage
    More specifically, if both partners in a relationship drink wine they are more likely to be happy than if only one does, according to studies in the Journal of Gerontology. Suggesting it is the drinking status more than the amount of alcohol consumed that is the important factor.
  4. Wine can make you happy
    Alcohol stimulates the release of several neurotransmitters, including serotonin, which can produce pleasurable feelings like euphoria. This was recently exhibited beautifully in a range of photographs by Brazilian photographer Marcus Alberti, who documented the change of the facial expressions of a group of people after their first, second and third glasses of wine.


However, the effect is most notable in those who drink in moderation, and has actually been associated with a depletion in these neurotransmitters when over-drinking.

So all in all it seems to be a pretty good outlook for wine drinkers! I’ll encourage you to remember that while you have a glass this evening, or attend a wine tasting in the near future.

And if anyone replicates the photo experiment I would love to see!








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